I love alcohol. I love drinking alcohol. I know that’s probably frowned upon and makes me sound like an alcoholic lush, but the reality is, I love going out with a group of friends or family and having a couple drinks. It’s always a good time.

My lovely alcohol cart, stocked with a bunch of things I shouldn't be drinking on a diet.

My lovely alcohol cart, stocked with a bunch of things I shouldn’t be drinking on a diet.

You know what isn’t a good time? Going out while you’re on a fat loss diet and being totally overwhelmed by what you should order, i.e. what drinks will cause the least damage? Or worse, saying “screw it” and drinking whatever you want…then feeling super guilty about it. (And if you’re me, this means you wake up hungover, extra guilty, and decide that you’ve already messed up your diet enough so you stuff your face with everything in the fridge. Woof.)

As a general rule, drinking your calories is never a good idea, and even more so when drinking alcohol. So I don’t recommend drinking often when trying to cut back on the calories. But, when do want to throw some back without feeling guilty or confused, here are some drinks I order and tips for making smart choices.

Vodka & Club Soda – there’s a reason that this is a favorite amongst skinny women everywhere. Not only is it low calorie, but it’s efficient AND hydrating, so you’re less likely to feel like shit the next day. If you hate the taste of vodka, ask for a lemon or lime wedge (or two or three) and squeeze them into your drink – the citrus really helps cancel out the vodka and you won’t feel like you’re straight up drinking alcohol. Also, I could be making this up, but I’m pretty sure carbonation helps you get drunker faster…so there’s that.

Rum/Whiskey & Diet Coke¬†– Rum or whiskey mixed with Diet Coke is also a low calorie option compared to their regular counterparts. If you’re not a DC fan, don’t worry, it’s going to taste like rum or whiskey anyway ūüėČ

Bloody Mary¬†– This drink is a bit higher calorie (around 150), but you also get a serving of vegetables because of the tomato juice! It’s also a perfect drink for those who don’t want to feel like they’re drinking alcohol straight with a splash of flavor; the juice does a good job of masking the vodka. I wouldn’t drink five of these and be proud of it (though I won’t lie, I’ve done it), but sipping on a bloody mary won’t kill your diet. Unless you get one that comes topped with bacon and olives and all sorts of goodies…get that shit out of here, it’s cheating.

Light beer¬†– Think of Michelob Ultras and other similar beers. They aren’t exactly craft beers, but they get the job done without causing too much damage.

Red wine¬†– A glass or two of red wine is actually good for you. However, all red wines are not equal, so try to do a little research to see if you’re drinking more sugar than you bargained for. Watch the serving size! (I’m not going to address white wine because, fun fact: drinking white wine alone at a bar apparently means you’re a prostitute…oh, the things I learn from my dad, y’all.)

Other Tips

  • Avoid sugar at all costs! Alcohol already slows down your digestive process because it is metabolized before everything else in your system, so you really don’t want extra sugars. Say no to fireball (still working on this one myself), amaretto sours, and any other candy-disguised-as-alcoholic-beverages you can think of.
  • Workout extra hard or throw in some extra cardio on days when you know you’ll be indulging in the poison. You’ll feel better.
  • Stay hydrated! Drinking water is a) all-around good for you and b) mitigates nasty hangovers. I don’t know about y’all, but when I feel like shit, I eat like shit…so avoid those hangovers at all cost.
  • Pace yourself! Getting ridiculously drunk and blacking out is a surefire way to forget your own rules and drink whatever the bartender is pouring, most likely something you should not be drinking! If your goal is to get drunk but not stupid (which should be everyone’s goal), remember that intoxication doesn’t have to do with the amount you consume but the rate which you consume it at.

Happy drinking, y’all!