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My wardrobe is mostly staples – black and white tees, boyfriend jeans, blazers, etc. – so at times I can feel stifled by the relative “boringness.” I’ve always felt that one of the best ways to spice up any outfit is with a new pair of shoes, so when I found these neutral yet funky heels on Lola Shoetique, I KNEW I had to have them! They really do give my outfit a whole new vibe, right? Mixed in with some dope makeup and you have a pretty fresh outfit!

I love the look of these jeans and I wear them all the time, but I do have a couple qualms. 1) They are true denim so there is absolutely ZERO stretch or give which can sometimes lead to pinching and tightness and feeling like I can’t pop lock and drop it should the desire arise. A girl needs to be able to drop it low on command. 2) On my pair, the seams down the sides lay unevenly so that one pant leg looks more rotated than the other. I don’t mind since the overall feel is rugged and rustic, but occasionally I just think “WHY?!” Other than that, I’m a big fan of these pants…but for $125? Not thrilled. I bet you could find even better ones for less, like these, these or these.


Mossimo Boyfriend Tee from Target  $9.00 / Ralph Lauren Distressed Jeans $125.00  / Malibu Heels in Nude $34.99 / Makeup Details Can Be Found Here