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Bonus picture of my doge because ISN’T SHE ADORABLE?

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Do you guys ever have clothes in your closet that you can’t remember buying? No? Just me? Ugh. Well, I’ve been racking my brain and still can’t figure out when or where I acquired these jeans. Regardless, I’m happy because I really dig the fit and style of these.

As for the top…well…I knew I was going to love it the second I spotted it. Tribal print is probably one of my all-time favorite styles of print to wear. There’s something about it that looks rugged and a little edgy while still being classy. They had so many different colors and patterns at H&M, and now that I know it fits (a lot of button ups gap on my chest thanks to the girls) I am going to go back for some more!

Paired with a simple pair of cognac pumps, this outfit is something I’m going to have to emulate with other button-up blouses in my closet.

Blouse: H&M $9.95 (this particular color is sold out but there are plenty more!)

Shoes: Juliet in “tan” from Lola Shoetique $26.99

Jeans: Mavi Jeans from Nordstrom $118.00

Lips: L’oreal Le Matte in “She’s So Matte” $9.99