Whenever someone compliments my teeth, I usually reply with a “thank you so much — they’re actually veneers, so it makes me happy that you think they look good!” I am an open book and a perpetual over-sharer. I have always been this way. So when asked, I tell people about my veneers partially because I want to share my experience with them and partially because it feels dishonest to let people think I have naturally amazeballz teeth. Once I tell someone, they usually have a few questions for me, and that’s what inspired this video.

To be honest, it took awhile for me to pull the trigger on my veneers. They had always scared me. What if they looked unnatural, chipped when biting into an apple, or required me to damage my natural teeth? With No Prep Veneers, I was able to change my teeth completely without any of those concerns.

For more info on why I got them, what the process was like, costs, and my thoughts on them now that I’ve had them for nearly four years, check out my video below. (Side note: I realize this post sounds sales-y and like an ad, but this is not a sponsored post. The only financial sponsor I had for this procedure was my dear Daddio. I just want to talk about it with y’all!)