If you’re in the green beauty space – or in any beauty space at all – you’ve probably heard of RMS Beauty. Founded by makeup artist Rose Marie Swift, RMS Beauty is a super clean cosmetics line – almost militaristically so, at times – that is focused on raw, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Products from RMS Beauty have accrued many awards and a lot of people are obsessed with them – specifically, the Living Luminizer, Uncover-Up, and Unpowder. Today’s review is going to focus on the latter two.

To give you a sneak peek into my thoughts on RMS’s Unpowder and Uncover-Up: one I LOVE and one disappointed me. For the full review, please watch my YouTube video below. For more videos like this, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here. (As always, take my review with a grain of salt…different things work for different people based on their skin types, preferences, and goals, so if you’re interested in trying these products, don’t let my review influence you *too* much.)

You can also shop the products in the post below the video with a handy-dandy widget – how cool is that?! Happy shopping!