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3 RMS Beauty Products I Love

RMS Beauty is really an old-school brand that was in the organic/natural sphere long before it became trendy. The products are simple, straightforward, and multipurpose, so they quickly became consumer favorites. In the video below, I tell you about three products I... read more

My Experience With No Prep Veneers

Whenever someone compliments my teeth, I usually reply with a “thank you so much — they’re actually veneers, so it makes me happy that you think they look good!” I am an open book and a perpetual over-sharer. I have always been this way. So... read more

My Journey to Saying No

I was always the kid who had too much makeup for a girl her age. Girlfriends would come over to my house and play in my collection the same way I had played in my Mom’s makeup drawer when I was younger, and it made me happy. Despite that love for beauty, I never... read more

[REVIEW] Ecobrow Pomade

I have a very distinct memory of my eyebrow product melting and a blob of brown-tinged sweat rolling into my eye. I was 19 and at a college fraternity party where it was even muggier and sweatier than usual. A friend really casually came up to me and said “oh,... read more

Should I Go Chemical-Free with My Makeup?

We Went Green It seems to me like the big “Go Green” push began around 2011. It started with food and everyone wanting to buy organic, and has since pervaded every other area of life. At that time I was still purchasing cosmetics blindly, blissfully... read more

[YAY or NAY] Curology

This post really should have been titled “The Skincare Service That Changed My Life” but I tried to stick to my guns and not give everything away in the title. But truly, Curology has been life-changing (so, clearly, it is a big YAY for me!) Curology... read more

Going Green

Well, friends. Today is both a sad and exciting day for me! At 6:02pm, I bought my last conventional cosmetic item — a purchase I’d been waiting for patiently and finally decided to pull the trigger on as a grand-finale. From now on, this blog will focus... read more

[OOTD] Structured Feminism

  This blazer has slowly become my favorite blazer too date. Not only is it the most gorgeous burgundy shade of tweed, but its boxy shape is so versatile. I wear it with dresses, jean shorts, casually and dressed up, but my favorite look is this one —... read more