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3 RMS Beauty Products I Love

RMS Beauty is really an old-school brand that was in the organic/natural sphere long before it became trendy. The products are simple, straightforward, and multipurpose, so they quickly became consumer favorites. In the video below, I tell you about three products I... read more

My Experience With No Prep Veneers

Whenever someone compliments my teeth, I usually reply with a “thank you so much — they’re actually veneers, so it makes me happy that you think they look good!” I am an open book and a perpetual over-sharer. I have always been this way. So... read more

My Journey to Saying No

I was always the kid who had too much makeup for a girl her age. Girlfriends would come over to my house and play in my collection the same way I had played in my Mom’s makeup drawer when I was younger, and it made me happy. Despite that love for beauty, I never... read more

[REVIEW] Ecobrow Pomade

I have a very distinct memory of my eyebrow product melting and a blob of brown-tinged sweat rolling into my eye. I was 19 and at a college fraternity party where it was even muggier and sweatier than usual. A friend really casually came up to me and said “oh,... read more

About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a twenty-something dedicated to a green, clean, and cruelty-free lifestyle without sacrificing any of the glam. If you like sarcasm, Disney princesses, and the occasional well-timed f-bomb, please stick around!

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